About La Tabla

La Tabla, which means ‘board’ (as in surf board in Spanish) is a breakfast and lunch spot that offers fresh wholesome food.

The owners, Naomi and Santiago, have always shared a love of good food.  Santiago is from Argentina and Naomi is a California native so each brings to the table a unique culinary perspective, which combines perfectly at La Tabla.  The menu is a result of the couple’s international background, incorporating Californian, South American, and Italian elements into the dishes. The café’s small size provides little storage space so fresh ingredients are delivered and used every day.

La Tabla also works with local farms and sources locally as much as possible, choosing organic when available and makes sense.  It also reduces its environmental impact by not using plastic and encouraging customers to purchase a Mason jar to reuse for juice/protein shake orders to go.

La Tabla has been designed to promote conversation, with one long communal table just under an iconic surf board hanging from the ceiling, shaped and signed by none other than Robert August (Endless Summer).

logo La Tabla Vero Beach surf